Ontario Truck Driving School (OTDS) joins the Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI) -Press Release

London Ontario – Ontario Truck Driving School (OTDS) joins the Professional  Truck Driver

Institute (PTDI).

Founded in 1978, Ontario Truck Driving School’s programs are designed for the entire industry. There are now seven locations through the Windsor/Sarnia/Niagara Corridor with Head Office located in London Ontario. Training is delivered by qualified over the road & in the field instructors who have experienced the challenges you may encounter as a new driver. Throughout the years, thousands of men and women have successfully obtained employment and began careers driving commercial  vehicles.

Gus Rahim, President of Ontario Truck Driving School, is pleased to announce the PTDI certification standard programs are now being offered. The added value of the PTDI certification standard further secures our student’s opportunities, and provides Carriers with a strong consistent skill set of new hires.

A founding member and past president of the Truck Training School Association  of Ontario (TTSAO), Mr. Rahim acknowledges  the added value ofPTDI certifications  bring to the students, carriers, and insurance providers.

Jim Campbell, OTDS Branch Manager, sees the addition ofPTDI as the perfect fit. We so often hear of the commercial driver shortage in North America, in fact what we have is a shortage of “professional” commercial drivers. PTDI and curriculum providing TTSAO standards will ensure Ontario Truck Driving School Graduates will continue to be the driving force.

PTDI is a national, nonprofit organization established for the twofold purpose of developing  uniform industry skill, curriculum,  and certification  standards for entry-level  truck driver training and motor carrier driver finishing programs, and certifYing entry-level truck driver training courses at public and private schools and driver finishing programs at carriers for compliance  with PTDI standards PTDI is based in Alexandria Virginia http://www.ptdi.org/.

For more information  you contact Gus Rahim President of the Ontario Truck Driving School

1800-799- JOBS (5627) Ext 227 or by email at: gusrahim@otds.com. www.otds.com.

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