Our old FLEET SAFETY COUNCIL friend and long time Treasurer GERRY LYCETT died this morning 28 July, 2015

Our old FLEET SAFETY COUNCIL friend and long time
Treasurer GERRY LYCETT died this morning 28 July, 2015

By Nick Nicholson

A beautiful gesture occurred yesterday at Hospice Niagara. Beautiful Dorothy Lycett was transferred from her nursing home to Hospice Niagara to be with her20130926-204122.jpg adoring husband of 55 years at the end. Their beds were aligned together and they held hands in the presence of their children when Gerry passed away early this morning. (28 Jul, 2015)
Messages are currently passing back and forth among Council Members and it appears that some sort of floral arrangement will be sent to the Family when details have been received.

Gerry, as most of you know, was the Chapter Treasurer for years and just gave up his post last year when well into his Eighties. He was an extremely funny member of our group and kept us smiling to rolling off our chairs for about 20+ years. Formerly part of the “tag team” of Rick Bullock and Gerry Lycett (Mutt & Jeff), these two started what is now referred to throughout the Province as the “Laughter Chapter”. Thankfully, it has carried on the way they intended helping to make the Hamilton-Niagara Chapter one of the most successful in the Province.

Not coming from the Transportation Industry directly, he certainly contributed an enormous amount to our group. His connection? Every time you drive over the Burlington Bay Skyway Bridge, think of Gerry. He was the guy who mixed the cement that went into building that original bridge in the mid-50s. Like everything else he did, he obviously made it to last.

Gerry will be sorely missed. Attached, is a photo of Gerry and Dorothy taken in better times. May he rest in peace and finally get rid of that hearing aid transmitter he had to carry for years that he hated.

Rest in Peace Little Buddy,

Gerry and Dorothy Lycett

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