Medical Marijuana Seminar a Huge Success!

Dr. Barry Kurtzer

The Hamilton Niagara fleet safety Council held their annual Spring

Mike Derry Introduces Guestss
Mike Derry Introduces Guests

Seminar on March 31, 2016 called, “Have Your Policies Gone to Pot?” The seminar was a big success and hosted by Mike Derry of the Hamilton Niagara Chapter. the seminar had a packed house as employers looked for ways to protect themselves and their workers in the rising confusion around medical marijuana.

Medical Information

Medical expert Dr. Barry Kurtzer presented on the medical issues

Dr. Barry Kurtzer
Dr. Barry Kurtzer

surrounding medical marijuana in the workplace and what steps are required for someone to have medical marijuana as a treatment. The lively presentation kept the crowds attention as people tried to take notes as quickly as possible.

Legal Information

Labour lawyer Leanne E Standryk provided legal suggestions to help

Leanne E. Standryk
Leanne E. Standryk

employers create legal policies for the workplace highlighting important issues about workplace safety and management of employees were all part of the questions asked of the Leanne Standryk. Thank you to all presenters for their time and knowledge on this hot topic.

If you attended the seminar and would like to review the presentations by Dr. Barry Kurtzer and Leanne Standryk please click here. You will need a password for access.

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council holds an annual seminar every March on topics of interest around safety in the workplace and the world of transportation. If you would like to learn more about the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council or other chapters through out Ontario visit or


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