The Last Founding Member of the Fleet Safety Council Passes Away

The last founding Member of Fleet Safety Council has passed away in Orillia last week. Truck News reports that “Ken Hellawell, in his 85th year, passed away in Orillia on May 8, 2016”.

Kenny was a delightful character who served Council for fifty-one years. He, a small group Fleet-Safety-Council-Logoof fellow driver trainers and their TSA rep Don Stewart, gathered together in December 1964 to see if they could pool their knowledge to help make all commercial drivers safer on our roads. Their idea was to freely share safety information with all driver trainers regardless of the competitive natures of their employers.

That was the beginning of today’s Fleet Safety Council. They had their first meeting under the name Council of Driver Trainers the next month. The rest is history. We had our 50th Anniversary celebration last year.

Kenny’s personal contributions to transportation safety have expanded all over the world. A constant figure along the Toronto – Montreal corridor, he was fluent in both official languages and imparted his safety knowledge wherever he was.

A quiet but, upbeat, positive man, he pooled an enormous amount of information with his eyes, expressions, and a grin. Enthusiasm was Kenny’s magic glitter. When explaining something to you, his eyes sparkled, his hand’s fashioned shapes and his feet almost danced. Kenny was known to be very light on his feet on the dance floor. He became very animated which captured your full attention every time. It was always a pleasure to be in his company.

Thinking back, his presence was always infectious and leaves us with fond memories. Dance across the Sky, Kenny! We will remember him.

Nick Nicholson

To read the full article in TruckNews please click here.

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