Smart Trucker Series comes to Grimsby-June 14th, 2016


Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Member Bruce Outridge has partnered with Road Today Magazine to present the Smart Trucker Seminar Series to truck drivers, managers, and those involved or interested in the transportation industry. The seminar series helps drivers and managers improve their fleet by focusing on areas of profit to improve their teams.

If you are a driver then you want to know this information as it will help you have a more successful career. If you are in charge of a team then you want to have this information so you can assess your team as a whole and start bringing them to the top of their game.

The seminar series moves throughout Ontario and will be in Grimsby on June 14th, 2016. The event is sponsored by Fleet Tax Services, Challenger Motor Freight, and Ontario Truck Driving School. Seating is limited so if you would like to attend the event click on the link below to register. A light dinner and refreshments will be served.

Register here for the Smart Trucker Seminar in Grimsby, Ontario


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