Randy Packham of Huron Services Group assigned to the John Deere Fleet Wins Driver of the Year Award

Randy Packham of the Huron Services Group has won the Driver of fleetsafetycouncilthe year Award for the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council for 2016. Randy will be recognized in September at both the regular Chapter meeting and the upcoming Safety Conference.

Randy Packham is employed by Huron Services Group part of the CPC Logistics Group of Companies and is assigned as a driver to the John Deere Fleet. He was awarded Driver of the Year for his heroic efforts and professionalism as a driver.

Randy has logged over 2,000,000 miles accident free and helped to shield motorists in a giant crash on January 9, 2015 involving over 193 vehicles, seventy-three of those were semi trucks and 119 cars that lasted two days in cleaning up. Although Randy was in the middle of the crash, he managed to stop his vehicle without incident and drove it away from the crash scene.

Randy has been recognized by his own company as Driver of the Year and also by the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council in Ontario for his heroic efforts.

Congratulations Randy!

View the video below to learn more about the Huron Services Group.

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