DriverCheck Presents on Cannabis in the Workplace

Fleet Safety Council 26th Conference

DriverCheck’s Chris Wilkinson presented on drugs and alcohol in the workplace and important information for the safety of with upcoming legalization of Cannabis on October 17th. If you would like to learn more about protecting the workers in your workplace please visit For those members that missed the presentation you can find an overview and meeting minutes on our meeting minutes page on the website. Below are some documents to with information on dealing with workplace policies.

Fleet Safety Council 26th Conference

Ontario Human Rights Commissions Policy on drug and alcohol testing_revised_2016_-3

Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Policy on Alcohol and Drug Testing, 2009-1 copy

Join us October 25th as our speaker will be Jodi Burness, Burness Paralegal Services:  presenting on Top Principles that Fleets Need to Know.

About the Chapter

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is part of the Fleet Safety Council of Ontario and promotes safety within the workplace and transportation industry. To learn more about the Chapter visit their website at

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