Founding Member Nick Nicholson Passes away June 1, 2019


It is with a heavy heart that we pass on the news that Nick Nicholson passed away Saturday Evening.  For those who knew Nick, we will all agree we have lost a great friend and most likely the biggest Ambassador for safety in the Transportation industry we have ever met.  That is huge accolade coming from a group whom are all committed to safety.

Fleet Safety Conference 2016For Those who did not know Nick, Nick was the first chairperson of The Hamilton Niagara Chapter when it was formed back in the late 80’s.  I would be willing to bet that Marion (Nicks wife), will still have copies of the minutes of the meetings from that time. Nick has been known not to throw anything out when it came to safety and his safety organizations.   Nick Sat on various committees and took a lead role on many committees within the Fleet safety Council including assisting and organizing the Fleet safety Annual Conference when it was held in the Hamilton Niagara Area.  Several years ago, Each Chapter would get a turn in hosting the annual conference in their area.  The Chapter would organize everything from the Speakers, the venue, meals and accommodations.  A lot of work and Nick was always one of the Members stepping up to the plate to assist, and again in many cases taking the lead.


When other Chapters had the driver of the year, Nick brought forward that we should be promoting the drivers of the fleets we represent. Nick gathered information from the other chapters with that award, took the best of their criteria and developed our application and award criteria.  Then offered to be the chairperson of the committee to review and select our Driver of the year award each year.  Then once selected Nick would look after all things like the Trophies, Plaques, ordering a  correct size jacket for the driver and ensuring the driver was registered and attending the annual safety conference and at the annual conference banquet present our Chapters safe Driver, and let everyone know all the reasons why we picked this driver as our Recipient that year.

Nick Nicholson
Nick Nicholson

A few years later our Chapter voted to have an additional award.  We would select from the membership of our Chapter a risk safety professional of the year.  All though Nick was not as enthused with this Award as he said we need to be very careful patting ourselves on the back, as the Driver is where the rubber hits the road, and our hard work will be recognized with the Driver of the year award.  Even though Nick had an opinion with this award he once again took on the task to see what other Chapters were doing with this award and then created Hamilton Niagara’s award criteria and application.  Nick as well had a review committee established for this award.  On our first year we had issues.  The Chairperson of the Safety and Risk Professional Award (Nick), had to withdraw and get a replacement due to having a conflict of interest.  Yes Nick was a nominee, and I am very proud to say Nick was our first Recipient and very deserving of this award.

Nick with Awards
Nick Nicholson-Safety person 2016

Nick was also our recording secretary for many years. I think about 17 years.  When asked at a chapter meeting who would take on this task, when no one else would commit, Nick Said yes.  His attention to detail at each meeting was incredible.  We went from having meeting minutes to having a mini book after each meeting.  Our Guest Speaker information shared was often captured by Nick in several pages of notes.  Nick Continued in this role even after retirement from Airways Transit, until his health would not allow him to regularly attend our meetings.

When Nick would contact me he would often say it’s me your old Uncle Nicky .  Well old Uncle Nicky will truly be missed and I can personally say he was not only a colleague but a good friend.  Rest in peace Nick.


Brad Bird  R.P.T.

Training Consultant / High Risk Training

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