Saying Goodbye to Sheila Land

Sheila Land

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to long term member and friend Sheila Land. She will be missed, but will not be forgotten. Below is information from Brad Bird.

It is once again with great sadness that I send out more bad news.  Sheila passed away Saturday evening. 

I have been speaking with Sheila**s Husband Larry this afternoon, and there is a celebration of Life Service planned for July 27th.  Once more details are finalized I will forward to all. 

Sheila LandSheila was a dedicated member of The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety council.  Sheila Joined our Chapter in the beginning When she was approached by TSA Representative Dave Wallace, and as Dave advised the Hamilton Niagara was starting a Chapter of The Council of Driver Trainers. (Now called Fleet Safety Council).   Sheila was a dedicated member from our Chapters very first meeting with Nick Nicholson Chairing, and as a dedicated member for 28 years.  Sheila held many roles over the years includeing assistant recording secretary, for our Chapter and the only Chairperson for our Bus Division.  Many Years ago Other Chapters had a School Bus divisions.  The intent was that as most of the discussions / speakers at regular Chapter meetings were primarily about Truck Transportation.  We had a large group at that time of members in Bussing.  It was decided that we would have a Sub Chapter and call it Hamilton Niagara Bus Division.  Sheila stepped up to the plate to become the first Chairperson on the Bus Division and held that position for over 10 years. l as many of the small bus companies were purchased by larger companies, our attendance declined and as a small group in later years, it was decided to have the membership attend the regular Chapter.  Sheila always had hopes that we would once again revive the Bus Division.

Sheila as well through her employer provided the meeting facilities and refreshments for the Bus Division and as well a good number of Regular Chapter meetings when there was a conflict meeting at our usual Location. 

As well Sheila Served for many Years on the Annual Conference planning Committee.  Again through her employer  on the Saturday of the Conference,  Sheila supplied Buses and Drivers to shuttle guest**s of the Conference attendees to Day Trips  / Tours of the area  where the Conference was being held that year.  ( Back when we had the weekend conferences. )

Sheila Land Presentation
Sheila Land with Brad

In April of 99 when I joined Transportation Safety Assoc.,  I was directed by my Manager Mark Diacur to visit Sheila Land at  Hillfield Strathallan College.  The Purpose of the visit was not for me to assist Sheila with her safety program, but was instead for Sheila to Brief me on the Hamilton and Area, Driver award Banquet.  Yes Sheila was the the Chairperson of that organization as well, and part of my New Role at TSA, was to assist Sheila and Committee with the annual Banquet.    Those Banquets were a lot of work, but with Sheila at the helm, the work always seemed fun.  I would be getting nervous at crunch time when companies would not have their driver lists and atendees submitted, and the caterer would be looking for numbers.  Sheila would Chuckle and say don**t worry it will work its self out like it always does. 

Sheila Land Presentation
Presenting the award

Sheila was a great organizer.  Sheila Called me up a couple of Months ago and asked if I could meet her for lunch.  This was about 5 months following being diagnosed with terminal Cancer.  Sheila had finished her treatments, and she looked fantastic.  Sheila would have had the right to be bitter with her situation as she was entering  her second year of retirement .  But Not Sheila.  Did I mention Organized.  Sheila**s purpose for our meeting, was so she could ask me to speak at her celebration of life.  After my Obvious Yes reply, how could I ever  answered anything else to a person whom is given so much to her Family, her Job, and her volunteer organizations.  Sheila was always about making sure that everyone else was looked after first.  Sheila explained that when the time came she did not want a traditional service, she wanted a place where her friends could meet to celebrate her life.  We visited, she updated me on her Family whom she is very proud.  We laughed remissed about days gone by.  In Fact it**s a wounder that Kelseys did not kick us out as we visited for about 3 and ** hours.  I am so Glad we had that visit as I am sitting here writing this, I can still hear Sheila**s Chuckle. 

I thought I would start the ball rolling early so have attached Sheila**s Nomination for Safety Professional of the year in 2017, and as well Bruce**s Clip where sheila was presented with the award. 

Sheila will certainly be missed but her infectious smile and legacy will certainly live on.

Brad Bird / IHSA


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