Hamilton Niagara Chapter  
Bus and Transport Division Information

The Hamilton / Niagara Chapter is a member of the Fleet Safety Council. We welcome new members interested in promoting safety in the workplace and on the roadway through education and networking. If you would like to join our chapter please complete the application process. If you would like more information on chapter membership please contact the Membership Committee at hamiltonfleetsafetycouncil@gmail.com

Contact: Brad Bird: 905-625-0100 / 1-800-263-5024 ext 8427

Meeting Locations

Transport Division – Christian Labour Association of Canada Building
CLAC Facility 89 South Service Rd. Grimsby, ON  (Christie & South Service Road)
Last Thursday of each month at 9:00am

Mailing Address:

Fleet Safety Council C/O IHSA, 5110 Creekbank Road, Suite 400,
Mississauga,Ontario, L9W 0A1

Chapter Board Information

Chapter Board Members voted in beginning September

Vickie DeVos-Chairperson
Charlie Shields-Immediate Past Chairperson
Brian Lemoine-Vice-Chairperson
Brad Bird / John Chmiel-IHSA Administrators
Kimberly Jodin / Sue Abernathy-Recording Secretary
Glen Harvey-Treasurer
Bruce Outridge-Media / Publicity
Mike Derry / Sue Abernathy-Speakers
Bruce Outridge / John Chmiel – Membership Coordinators
Brian Lemoine / George Skotidas / Charlie Shields-Risk Safety Person
Rick Brown / Kimberly Jodin / Al Holbrook/ Brian Lemoine-Safe Driver Judges

Fleet Safety Council Brochure

Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Brochure -Page 1

Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Brochure -Page 2

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I look upon 2012 as being a very successful year. We had some great presentations (Peatsorb, Dican, WSIB and of course Jodi on Justice and the Gladman Reports) and I am particularly pleased that our efforts were sucessful in reviving the 3-day Conference again. I’m sure we, Hamilton-Niagara, have ruffled some feathers along the way but, they definately know our passion now.
    FSC is a fantastic organization and I have been so pleased to have been part of it for over 24 years. It has definately assisted my career, my employer, my company and our employees in changing the safety culture of our industry. May it continue to expand to help those following us in the future! Its greatest feature is that we have fun while learning, sharing and teaching. Don’t ever lose that FUN aspect folks!

    All the Very Best to All of You!
    Nick Nicholson

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