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September 26th Next Monthly Meeting for Hamilton Chapter

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council will be starting their monthly meetings next week on Thursday September 26th in Grimsby Ontario. Join us!

Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council
Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

Sheila Land-Celebration of Life

We are very sad to have to say goodbye to long time member Sheila Land. A Celebration of Life will be held on July 27th, 2019. Brad Bird has forwarded information on the event. Sheila will be missed by all that knew her.

Sheila Land Presentation
Sheila Land with Brad

Sheila Land Celebration of Life

On the evening of July the 6 th we lost this beautiful woman.  Sheila Land will be missed by so many friends and family. When Sheila knew her time was coming  she decided against a traditions funeral. So her celebration of life is going to be honouring her wishes as best as possible.

Date:  Saturday July 27 th.  2019.

Time:  Farewell service to begin at  1:00 pm. Drinks,food and celebration to follow.

Place:  St. Elizabeth Village Edelweiss Clubhouse  ( The Barn) 1 Bishop Tonnos Way  Hamilton, Ontario

Directions:   Follow Rymal Road to Garth. South on Garth first driveway to your left is main gate. Follow roadway into Village past main parking and office area to security gate. Enter pin code at gate drive straight then to The Barn at end of street.

PIN Code is 8917 for this event.

For those who attended Sheila*s retirement party it*s the same building.

As per Sheila*s wishes this is to Celebrate her life, to enjoy each other*s company, share stories, and in true Sheila fashion to get together and  have a few laughs.

Brad Bird


Saying Goodbye to Sheila Land

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to long term member and friend Sheila Land. She will be missed, but will not be forgotten. Below is information from Brad Bird.

It is once again with great sadness that I send out more bad news.  Sheila passed away Saturday evening. 

I have been speaking with Sheila**s Husband Larry this afternoon, and there is a celebration of Life Service planned for July 27th.  Once more details are finalized I will forward to all. 

Sheila LandSheila was a dedicated member of The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety council.  Sheila Joined our Chapter in the beginning When she was approached by TSA Representative Dave Wallace, and as Dave advised the Hamilton Niagara was starting a Chapter of The Council of Driver Trainers. (Now called Fleet Safety Council).   Sheila was a dedicated member from our Chapters very first meeting with Nick Nicholson Chairing, and as a dedicated member for 28 years.  Sheila held many roles over the years includeing assistant recording secretary, for our Chapter and the only Chairperson for our Bus Division.  Many Years ago Other Chapters had a School Bus divisions.  The intent was that as most of the discussions / speakers at regular Chapter meetings were primarily about Truck Transportation.  We had a large group at that time of members in Bussing.  It was decided that we would have a Sub Chapter and call it Hamilton Niagara Bus Division.  Sheila stepped up to the plate to become the first Chairperson on the Bus Division and held that position for over 10 years. l as many of the small bus companies were purchased by larger companies, our attendance declined and as a small group in later years, it was decided to have the membership attend the regular Chapter.  Sheila always had hopes that we would once again revive the Bus Division.

Sheila as well through her employer provided the meeting facilities and refreshments for the Bus Division and as well a good number of Regular Chapter meetings when there was a conflict meeting at our usual Location. 

As well Sheila Served for many Years on the Annual Conference planning Committee.  Again through her employer  on the Saturday of the Conference,  Sheila supplied Buses and Drivers to shuttle guest**s of the Conference attendees to Day Trips  / Tours of the area  where the Conference was being held that year.  ( Back when we had the weekend conferences. )

Sheila Land Presentation
Sheila Land with Brad

In April of 99 when I joined Transportation Safety Assoc.,  I was directed by my Manager Mark Diacur to visit Sheila Land at  Hillfield Strathallan College.  The Purpose of the visit was not for me to assist Sheila with her safety program, but was instead for Sheila to Brief me on the Hamilton and Area, Driver award Banquet.  Yes Sheila was the the Chairperson of that organization as well, and part of my New Role at TSA, was to assist Sheila and Committee with the annual Banquet.    Those Banquets were a lot of work, but with Sheila at the helm, the work always seemed fun.  I would be getting nervous at crunch time when companies would not have their driver lists and atendees submitted, and the caterer would be looking for numbers.  Sheila would Chuckle and say don**t worry it will work its self out like it always does. 

Sheila Land Presentation
Presenting the award

Sheila was a great organizer.  Sheila Called me up a couple of Months ago and asked if I could meet her for lunch.  This was about 5 months following being diagnosed with terminal Cancer.  Sheila had finished her treatments, and she looked fantastic.  Sheila would have had the right to be bitter with her situation as she was entering  her second year of retirement .  But Not Sheila.  Did I mention Organized.  Sheila**s purpose for our meeting, was so she could ask me to speak at her celebration of life.  After my Obvious Yes reply, how could I ever  answered anything else to a person whom is given so much to her Family, her Job, and her volunteer organizations.  Sheila was always about making sure that everyone else was looked after first.  Sheila explained that when the time came she did not want a traditional service, she wanted a place where her friends could meet to celebrate her life.  We visited, she updated me on her Family whom she is very proud.  We laughed remissed about days gone by.  In Fact it**s a wounder that Kelseys did not kick us out as we visited for about 3 and ** hours.  I am so Glad we had that visit as I am sitting here writing this, I can still hear Sheila**s Chuckle. 

I thought I would start the ball rolling early so have attached Sheila**s Nomination for Safety Professional of the year in 2017, and as well Bruce**s Clip where sheila was presented with the award. 

Sheila will certainly be missed but her infectious smile and legacy will certainly live on.

Brad Bird / IHSA


Fleet Safety Council Members Help Make Transportation Industry a Safer Place

The Fleet Safety Council has been promoting safety for a number of years along with the professionalism of the industry. All chapters have members that are involved in many good initiatives across the Province. Here are few pictures of volunteers giving their time for greater causes.

FSC Members Promoting
Safety at Skills Competition

FSC Members at the
Central Ontario Truck Driving Championships

About the Chapter

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is part of the Fleet Safety Council of Ontario and promotes safety within the workplace and transportation industry. To learn more about the Chapter visit their website at

Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Meeting Votes in New Board for 2019-2020

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council held its last meeting before the Summer break with their annual elections. The meeting covered a range of topics from new courses offered by IHSA to member news and conference information.

Annual Board Elections

As we do every year at the June meeting the important leadership roles of the chapter are elected and appointed. thank you to everyone that has served prior and to those that stepped into positions for the future. Here are the results of the elections beginning September 2019 through to June 2020.

Vickie DeVos-Chairperson
Charlie Shields-Immediate Past Chairperson
Brian Lemoine-Vice-Chairperson
Brad Bird / John Chmiel-IHSA Secretary
Kimberly Jodin-Recording Secretary
Glen Harvey-Treasurer
Bruce Outridge-Media / Publicity
Mike Derry / Rick Gladman-Speakers
Bruce Outridge / George Skotidas – Membership Coordinators
Brian Lemoine / George Skotidas / Charlie Shields-Risk Safety Person
Rick Brown / Kimberly Jodin / Al Holbrook/ Brian Lemoine-Safe Driver Judges

About the Chapter

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is part of the Fleet Safety Council of Ontario and promotes safety within the workplace and transportation industry. To learn more about the Chapter visit their website at

Remembering Nick Nicholson

John Robert Nick Nicholson Saturday June 1st 2019

Posted on June 3, 2019June 3, 2019 by luc

It is with profound sadness that we say goodbye to John “Nick” Nicholson. Nick passed away peacefully in his 73rd year at the Brantford General Hospital on Saturday, June 1st 2019 surrounded by his loving family. Nick was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia on December 3rd, 1946, where he spent his childhood. Nick was the beloved husband of Marian Nicholson for 37 years. Their love of travel led them on many adventures. Nick will be greatly missed by his step-children: Cindy Clark (Dave), Ron Thornberry, Brenda Thornberry, Barb Kinsella (Steve), Deb Thornberry, and Bill Thornberry. He will be loved always by his 13 grandchildren: Kelly, Cheryl, Kyle, Patrick, Shawna, Avalon, Shay, Kaitlyn, Rachel, Doug, Jake, Aiden, Noah, and 10 great grandchildren. Nick is predeceased by his parents, John and Hazel Nicholson. Nick is survived by his loving sister Ann Rich, nieces and nephew Kathy, Gwen, Andrew and their families. He served in the military and was a Sergeant in the Reserves.

Nick was a kind and generous neighbour, respected member of the community and was always willing to lend a hand to his family and friends. He worked as a Safety Manager at Airways Transit for 33 years and was a recognized life member of the Hamilton/Niagara Chapter of the Fleet Safety Council from 1988-2017. A special thank you for the compassion of the Palliative Care Team at the Brantford General Hospital.

A celebration of his life will take place on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at the Dunsdon Legion Branch 461, 9 Tollgate Road, Brantford from 1 – 4 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

We will miss you Nick!

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Founding Member Nick Nicholson Passes away June 1, 2019

It is with a heavy heart that we pass on the news that Nick Nicholson passed away Saturday Evening.  For those who knew Nick, we will all agree we have lost a great friend and most likely the biggest Ambassador for safety in the Transportation industry we have ever met.  That is huge accolade coming from a group whom are all committed to safety.

Fleet Safety Conference 2016For Those who did not know Nick, Nick was the first chairperson of The Hamilton Niagara Chapter when it was formed back in the late 80’s.  I would be willing to bet that Marion (Nicks wife), will still have copies of the minutes of the meetings from that time. Nick has been known not to throw anything out when it came to safety and his safety organizations.   Nick Sat on various committees and took a lead role on many committees within the Fleet safety Council including assisting and organizing the Fleet safety Annual Conference when it was held in the Hamilton Niagara Area.  Several years ago, Each Chapter would get a turn in hosting the annual conference in their area.  The Chapter would organize everything from the Speakers, the venue, meals and accommodations.  A lot of work and Nick was always one of the Members stepping up to the plate to assist, and again in many cases taking the lead.


When other Chapters had the driver of the year, Nick brought forward that we should be promoting the drivers of the fleets we represent. Nick gathered information from the other chapters with that award, took the best of their criteria and developed our application and award criteria.  Then offered to be the chairperson of the committee to review and select our Driver of the year award each year.  Then once selected Nick would look after all things like the Trophies, Plaques, ordering a  correct size jacket for the driver and ensuring the driver was registered and attending the annual safety conference and at the annual conference banquet present our Chapters safe Driver, and let everyone know all the reasons why we picked this driver as our Recipient that year.

Nick Nicholson
Nick Nicholson

A few years later our Chapter voted to have an additional award.  We would select from the membership of our Chapter a risk safety professional of the year.  All though Nick was not as enthused with this Award as he said we need to be very careful patting ourselves on the back, as the Driver is where the rubber hits the road, and our hard work will be recognized with the Driver of the year award.  Even though Nick had an opinion with this award he once again took on the task to see what other Chapters were doing with this award and then created Hamilton Niagara’s award criteria and application.  Nick as well had a review committee established for this award.  On our first year we had issues.  The Chairperson of the Safety and Risk Professional Award (Nick), had to withdraw and get a replacement due to having a conflict of interest.  Yes Nick was a nominee, and I am very proud to say Nick was our first Recipient and very deserving of this award.

Nick with Awards
Nick Nicholson-Safety person 2016

Nick was also our recording secretary for many years. I think about 17 years.  When asked at a chapter meeting who would take on this task, when no one else would commit, Nick Said yes.  His attention to detail at each meeting was incredible.  We went from having meeting minutes to having a mini book after each meeting.  Our Guest Speaker information shared was often captured by Nick in several pages of notes.  Nick Continued in this role even after retirement from Airways Transit, until his health would not allow him to regularly attend our meetings.

When Nick would contact me he would often say it’s me your old Uncle Nicky .  Well old Uncle Nicky will truly be missed and I can personally say he was not only a colleague but a good friend.  Rest in peace Nick.


Brad Bird  R.P.T.

Training Consultant / High Risk Training

Charlie Charalambous Talks Driver Verification Strategies at Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Meeting

Charlie Charalambous of ISB / MEE shared strategies on qualifying drivers and strategies for verifying documents. Fraudulent documents are rampant within the industry so have a way of verifying the documents. You can learn more about ISB/MEE at

Also discussed in the meeting was employment changes coming up in September, updates on safety regulations and speeding violations with Jodi Burness.

About the Chapter

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is part of the Fleet Safety Council of Ontario and promotes safety within the workplace and transportation industry. To learn more about the Chapter visit their website at

Managing the Risk Presentations

If you were at the 2019 Managing Your Risk and would like to view the presentation slides you can do so by clicking the PDF links below. Video replays will be available for members as they are available on the presentations page.

Managing The Risk Lottery Intro Presentation

Policy and Procedure Lottery


You can also find these on the seminar page


Pictures from HFSC Spring Seminar 2019

Good information was delivered to a full house at the 2019 Spring Seminar Managing the Risk Lottery put on by the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council yesterday in Hamilton Ontario. Below are pictures from the event.