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Fleet-Tax Services moves to new location

Fleet-Tax Services has moved their offices as of August 25, 2014. They have moved from the Fifth Wheel Truck Stop in Grimsby to a new office across form the Relay Truck Stop in  Beamsville Ontario. Their new contact information is as follows:

Fleet Tax Services
4654 Ontario Street
Beamsville ontario
L0R 1B4

Welcome the New Board for 2014-2015 Hamilton Chapter

I would like to take a moment to thank past and current members for their hard work and dedication to the Fleet Safety Council, more so the Hamilton Niagara Chapter. In June we held our latest elections and the following members will be Board and Team members for the 2014-2015 year.


Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council
Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

Treasurer: Glen Harvey Appointed
Secretary/Admin: Brad Bird/John Chmiel Appointed
Recording Secty.: Nick Nicholson Voluntold Again
Speaker/Program: Rick Brown, Chair Acclaimed
Rick Gladman Acclaimed

Membership: Curt Roush, Chair Acclaimed
Mike Derry Acclaimed
George Skotidas Acclaimed
Publicity: Vacant
Auditors: Rudy Sobschak and Curt Roush

Thank you again and lets get set for another great year!

Core Board remains in place for Hamilton Chapter – FSC

The Hamilton Chapter of the Fleet Safety council held their annual elections today at the June Meeting for 2014. We are proud to announce that the Board will be remaining in tact for 2014-2015 fiscal year. Bruce Outridge will remain as Chairperson of the chapter with Jim Campbell staying on as Vice Chair. Other member positions throughout the team will remain in place and announced once confirmed by those not in attendance.

From the Chair: Bruce Outridge

I would just like to say thank you to the current and past members of the Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Chapter for your continued support and performance. In my opinion we have an awesome chapter with good people that are dedicated and enjoy working together. Thank you!

Bruce Outridge
HFSC Chairperson

The chapter will now break for the summer and we hope to see everyone out for the September meeting. To learn more about the chapter please visit their website at

Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Chapters Supports Mandatory Training Standards

At the January meeting for the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council a presentation from IHSA’s Vice President Michael Burke informing the chapter of recent decisions by other council chapters to support the mandate for Mandatory Entry Level Training for truck drivers. We all want safer roads and this has been an issue in the industry for many years. The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council members in attendance voted in favour of endorsing and supporting the decision to make the industry a safer place. The Hamilton Niagara chapter is the second chapter to join the endorsement and more are expected to join in upcoming months.  The Fleet Safety Council and their chapter members promote safety in the workplace and the transportation industry. More information can be found on their websites at  and

Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council
Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

Hamilton Niagara Chapter at the Fleet Safety Council Conference 2013

The Fleet Safety Council Conference for 2013 was held in Kitchener Ontario this weekend and the Hamilton Niagara Chapter showed up in great form as usual. We normally have a strong presence at these events and this year was no different. I believe we even dominated the prize table with winners. Congrats to Sheila, Jim, and Brian for coming up big winners at the prize table. Thanks everyone for coming out and showing them Hamilton Niagara is a chapter os strength.

Bruce Outridge holds book launch at cancer event giving proceeds to the cause.

At the Trucking for a Cure convoy in Woodstock on October 5, 2013 which supports The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation member Bruce Outridge a book launch for his latest book Driven to Drive and gave proceeds from each book to the Trucking for a Cure team to help in the fight against breast cancer. Bruce was able to give the team $140 from book sales at the event.

Hamilton Fleet Safety Council Members Participate in CBCF Convoy

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month and the group of Trucking for a Cure puts on a convoy each year to support the cause. This year was the fourth annual convoy and Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council members Al Holbrook and Bruce Outridge were on hand to participate in the convoy.

Gerry Lycett is awarded Jacket for contribution

Long time member and former Treasurer Gerry Lycett was awarded with a Fleet Safety Council jacket for his years of hard work in the treasury position. The position has now been handed over to member Glen Harvey who will continue to keep up the great process that Gerry started. Thank you Gerry for all of your hard work over the years. Stay warm in the jacket.


Bruce Outridge releases Driven to Drive Book


Transportation Consultant and author Bruce Outridge released his latest book Driven to Drive on September 1, 2013. The book offers advice and tips for professional drivers on how to have a successful trucking career. For more information on the book please visit his Bruce’s website at

Driven to Drive Book Cover
Driven to Drive Book Cover

Outridge Consulting Services offers Online Training for Owner Operators

We had such a good response to our book Running By The Mile that we are proud to announce the release of our new online training program based on the book. The course can be completed online with different options available and the packages include a self-directed program to hands on coaching. The courses includes the topics covered in the book with additional information. Participants have the option to be part of an online forum, have questions marked by a professional, and success action plans created for a successful business.

Who should use these courses? The courses would benefit anyone interested in improving their business as an owner operator, interested in setting up a successful trucking business, or someone interested in a career in the transportation industry.

To view more information on the courses please visit the training page at Outridge Consulting Services.