Back in the late 80's or early 90's I was in a classroom made up of transportation safety professionals when a speaker announced he was going to show us a film that would teach us something new about driving. Immediately the "body language" in the room shifted, arms started to be folded across chests and … Continue reading TIRE FAILURE CRASHES By Nick Nicholson



I recently discovered that many people in transportation, don't understand the significance of Collision Review Committees or "preventability". They have varying erroneous thoughts as to what "preventability" actually means. We so often hear: "What do you mean "preventable"? The other guy was charged, not me!"  The purpose is not to decide fault nor does it … Continue reading PREVENTABILITY – WHY?-By Nick Nicholson

ICEBERG ROAD RAGE by Nick Nicholson


The term "Iceberg Road Rage" came from the same man credited with naming "Road Rage" in the first place, Britain's Dr. David Lewis. We have become very familiar with seeing the results of road rage in daily news broadcasts. When two or more drivers don't see eye to eye, retaliation can take a physical form … Continue reading ICEBERG ROAD RAGE by Nick Nicholson

ATTITUDE-By Nick Nicholson


I once watched a senior executive publicly scream, shout and scold a driver who had made a mistake while attempting to assist an injured person. In the process of reversing, the driver's door was taken off by a post when the driver opened the door before completely stopping. After the tirade was over, the senior … Continue reading ATTITUDE-By Nick Nicholson

What “TEAM”?


In relation to safety, you, the safety practitioner, are the "team" coach. It is your job to handle the team,  What team?   "I usually work by myself", you say. If you truly do happen to be a total one-person operation, then, you just change "hats" and work the approach on yourself. When a safety challenge has … Continue reading What “TEAM”?

The Corporate Shuffle by Nick Nicholson


My wife Marian, that wee little lady that some of you know, is a hero. After around ten years working as a hospital psychiatric nurse, she'd become very familiar with the safety training.  She had attended numerous courses learning how to physically manipulate or restrain patients without hurting them, her co-workers or herself. Being tiny, … Continue reading The Corporate Shuffle by Nick Nicholson

Beauty and the Beast


I think it was Fort Mac's Fire Chief Darby Allen who dubbed the fire as the "Beast". I'm talking about the massive fire that has devastated Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Somewhere close to 100,000 people had to run for their lives and escape the inferno that surrounded and burned through their city. Somebody pointed out that … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast

What is a Safety Director?


A number of years ago I attended a company Christmas party. After the dinner, two senior executives of the company started a drinking contest. Sambuca bottles were brought out along with shot glasses and the contest began. Some time passed. A lady (a driver's wife) strutted up to me and said: "Stop this"! Questioning what … Continue reading What is a Safety Director?

Learn more about the AMP System for Ontario

This video is about the new AMP System that was talked about in our lats meeting.

Seats are filling up for the Spring Seminar

Spring Seminar Poster 2015

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Chapter holds an annual seminar every Spring to help promote safety throughout the transportation industry within Ontario Canada. This year is no different as they are holding a seminar to deal with distracted driving and specifically technology in the cab for professional drivers. The seminars are always well attended … Continue reading Seats are filling up for the Spring Seminar