Please note due to the Covid-19 Pandemic regular Chapter meetings have been postponed until further notice. Virtual meetings are happening at the provincial level and chapter executive levels. Please contact the Chapter Executive for more information.

We hope everyone is staying safe with the virus concerns and following community guidelines regarding distancing. As for the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Chapter we have decided to cancel the April meeting for the group. There will be a virtual meeting for executives of the Chapter to discuss how to move forward during the pandemic. The Fleet Safety Council  has been holding Provincial Meetings virtually for all that are interested. Our Chapter Administrators will be in touch with members on future events and if you have any concerns you would like addressed at the virtual meeting please reach out the Chairperson of the Chapter or other executive member.

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The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is part of the Fleet Safety Council of Ontario and promotes safety within the workplace and transportation industry. To learn more about the Chapter visit their website at