Nominate a driver for The Rick Grammick Award!

One of the privileges available to you as a FSC Member in good standing (paid up) is that you now qualify to nominate a driver from your own fleet (or client’s fleet) to be eligible to receive “The Rick Grammick Award.”

Who is Rick Grammick and what is The Rick Grammick Award?

Rick Grammick was one of the originating members of the Hamilton-Niagara Chapter and our 2nd Chair. He was a very forward thinking individual who (among other things) taught driver trainers around the world (Africa among them). His training program was adopted by George Brown College, the leading Commercial Transportation experts at the time in Ontario.

Shortly after Rick died in 2000, our Chapter voted to make an annual award in Rick’s name to honour safe drivers within our industry. It was based on the fact that Rick always contended that a driver trainer is not successful until proven when the “rubber meets the road” by the drivers he or she trained. Despite the hazards faced by drivers everyday, the nominees will have proven that he or she has been able to accomplish the task without discredit, injury or damage. This award is to recognize a driver that is a credit to themselves, their employer and the industry they represent.

Think of your drivers. Do any fit the criteria?

Nominate a Driver


Nomination for the Driver of the Year must be a driver for a Commercial Carrier of Goods or Passengers including drivers employed by counties, regions, municipalities and/or clients or owner/operators of FSC members that are in good standing of the Chapter. This award is to recognize a driver that is a credit to themselves, their employer and the industry they represent.

The qualification period will be 1 Jan to 31 Dec of the past year with all nominations to be submitted by the following APRIL Meeting.

Rick Grammick Award Nomination Form

Nominate a Safety Professional


This award is to recognize the person who best represents the title of “RISK/SAFETY PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR” within the Hamilton-Niagara Chapter.
Nominees must have been a member in good standing of the Hamilton-Niagara Chapter and have completed the past 2 “Council” continuous years. (Sep -Year One) to (June – Year Two).
Recipient must have demonstrated outstanding service to the Chapter; and/or the Transportation Industry; and/or their community or; the employer in the promotion of transportation safety.

Rick Grammick Award Nomination Form

Criteria Required:

  • Valid drivers license for the class of vehicle he/she operates and have a clean (no points and no convictions) drivers abstract for no less than 36 months; (Statement of Driving Record if applicable.)
  • Employed as a driver or owner/operator for the nominating member employer and/or nominating member’s client or driver service for no less than 24 months;
    Preventable collision free driving record and (personal safety) injury free for 12 months.
  • No Preventable freight damage claims or passenger (bus or contracted passenger industry) injuries for 12 months.

In addition to the criteria above additional criteria may also be considered:

  • Verifiable evidence of Excellent customer service and/or relations.
  • Additional consideration will be given for involvement in community service and/or volunteer work including employer safety committees and/or collision review committees.
  • Special consideration will be given upon verification of unusual courtesy extended to other road users, high personal integrity, as well as acts of bravery arising out of highway occurrences within the award period (1 Jan – 31 Dec matching verifiable IHSA/OSL, (or other) Safety Award periods.)
  • Any verifiable positive information regarding the nominee that could place him/her in a favourable light. (Extenuating Family situations, etc.)

Submission Requirements (required by April 15th of current year)

Copies of supporting documentation substantiating nominee information MUST be included with the nomination submission. The Selection Committee reserves the right to independently verify the information submitted. The decision of the Selection Committee will be deemed final.


Rick Grammick Award Nomination Form

Award winner receives the following prizes:

  • Paid attendance for the winner and their significant other at the FSC Annual Conference.
  • Two award plaques: 1 to the winning driver and 1 to his/her employer.
    One returnable trophy to the winning driver’s employer to be held until the following year.
  • One of a kind jacket embroidered with the appropriate wording and insignia to the driver.
  • One token of appreciation for the spouse (flowers, gift, etc. appropriate to the circumstances).

Nominate your driver or safety professional today!

Rick Grammick Award Nomination Form

Below are a few of the previous winners

9 thoughts on “Risk Safety Person / Driver of the Year Awards

  1. Hey Bruce: This might be a good section to place the last page attached to each set of Minutes that outlines the award and how HN Chapter Members can nominate their deserving drivers. -Nick

  2. Thanks for making this happen and keeping it going. My Dad would have been very happy.

    Thanks again

    Sean Grammick.

  3. Don’t we have anything to place on here for the upcoming 2015 Seminar yet. It’s coming up 2 months from Monday.

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