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Managing the Risk Lottery

Spring Seminar 2019

Risk management is at the top of everyone’s list for 2019 as insurance providers review the risks in the transportation industry forhfsc-spring-seminar-banner-2019 2019. The quality of the driver, equipment issues, and carrier operations will all have an impact on how successful a fleet is for the future. The Spring Seminar for 2019 hosted by the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council will offer presentations and speakers on what to look for in professional drivers, how the equipment in your fleet can affect your operation, and what is needed for a carrier to be successful in 2019 and beyond.

North American Regulatory Update 2018

Spring Seminar 2018

There have been many changes in the transportation industry over hfsc-spring-seminar-bannerthe last couple years and more are coming as technology, drugs and alcohol, and compliance requirements are changing the way business is done in today’s trucking industry.

Transforming into the Future
Spring Seminar 2017

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council is proud to announce transforming-change-banner-hfsc2their Spring Seminar for 2017 called “Transforming into the Future”. This seminar will focus on the many changes happening in the world of transportation. The topics being presented and discussed through an interactive panel include changes in insurance, communication, education, and equipment areas of the industry. Learn how to prepare for the future of the transportation industry and how to effectively manage the change.

Have Your Policies Gone to Pot?
Spring Seminar 2016

The Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council focuses their 2016

Dr. Barry Kurtzer

annual seminar on the topic of medical marijuana and how transport companies are dealing with the issue in the industry. Do your policies stand up to the test of a labour dispute? Topic experts include Dr. Barry Kurtzer and Labour and Employment Lawyer Leanne E. Standryk

Transportation Technology | Spring Seminar 2015
Benefit or Distraction?

Technology has become integrated into our lives so much that not

Transportation Technology Seminar 2015-Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

only can we not get along without it, but rely on it so heavily it may now be becoming a distraction. The Spring Seminar for 2015 discussed the benefits and distractions of technology and how they may be distracting our drivers. A panel discussion from industry experts will be part of this year’s seminar along with a technology trade show.

The Police State of Mind | Spring Seminar 2014
Does what your drivers say or do really matter?

Do your drivers know what to do at the scene of an accident? What

Nick the Policeman

should they say? What should they do? Are the people investigating asking the right questions or could they be causing you a legal battle that will cost you millions?

At any incident scene there is a pressure to say things or a need to help but are they putting your company at risk? What is said at an incident scene can change the liability for the incident if the wrong statements are given. Our upcoming seminar is addressing just those issues. Find out what that new truck driver involved in a incident is feeling at the scene. Find out how this scene plays out on social media and how does it influence the true facts. Learn what should be done at the scene as we recreate an incident between a school bus and a truck. Don’t miss this seminar that is sure to shock you with the results and gives you eye opening information that you will want to relay to your team immediately!

Justice is Served and So is Breakfast….
Spring Seminar 2013

This seminar was a mock trial put on by Burness Paralegal Services

Chris Booth

displaying how a legal team may fight charges against the driver of a truck after the collision of a truck and school bus incident.

How to Effectively Use Social Media Panel Discussion
Spring Seminar 2012

This seminar was very timely as a panel was held to talk about the


pros and cons if using social media in the workplace and how it might be best used to recruit driver in the transportation industry. Panelists included Paul Curle, Nancy Dunk, Lorne Hoinickman, Lisa Kemper, Bruce Outridge, and moderator Mike Derry.

Dealing with the New Regulations of CSA
Spring Seminar 2011

This seminar talked about the new implication of the CSA system for Mark Skinnerthe transportation industry by the Federal Motor Carriers Association in the United States. This system changed the way that many companies and drivers are being rated in the united States for violations and safety checks.

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