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Vnomics Presentation

We had a presentation today from the team at Vnomics. they did a great job and generated a lot of interest from the full house in attendance. Thank you to David Chauncey and his team for taking the time to present for us. To learn more about Vnomics and their products and services please visit their website.

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Register online for the Spring Seminar 2012

Spring Breakfast Seminar Registration 2012

In an attempt to make your life easier we now have ourselves set up with a PayPal account. You can now register for the spring seminar online from the comfort of your own home or office. Just click the link and it will tai you to the payment page for the seminar. If you prefer to register by phone you may do that as well. All the information is available on our Seminar page listed on the top menu of this website or click the link below

Annual Spring Breakfast Seminar 2012

Spring Breakfast Seminar 2012

January 2012 Meeting

We have had change is speakers for the january meeting being held tomorrow.

Our Guest speaker will be Our speaker on the schedule for this month is Torren Delforte, from VNOMICS.

Our next regular meeting will be held Thursday 26 Jan 2012, 09:00 hrs and we will once again be meeting at the CLAC Facility in Grimsby, 89 South Service Rd. Grimsby, ON . (QEW to “Christie” Exit, turn South [towards the escarpment] and then right (West) onto the South Service Road to the first red brick building on your left).See you there!


Member Profile Instructions

If you are an active member of the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council and would like to have a profile added the website then here are the directions for doing that.

  1. Create an article or bio on a Word document and send it to the email listed below.
  2. Send a picture of you if you wish.
  3. Email the information to Bruce Outridge at

Bruce Outridge – Outridge Consulting Services / Profile

My first look into the world of transportation began at the age of 17 when I decided school was not a place I enjoyed being. As a so called coloured kid in white middle class school it took a lot of energy and brain power to fit in with the other kids. Life at school for me was not a happy time although I did my share of partying. I seemed to come into my own with the world of transportation. Starting in the moving industry anyone like me that was almost six foot tall was regarded as a prime candidate to carry furniture out of your house. Now I didn’t come from a long line of truck drivers, in fact in my household nobody knew what a truck was. My dad was a hard working accountant, my Mum worked for the airline, and there are many scholars in my family’s history. I just needed a job; there was no grand plan at this point. I had one thing going for me aside from my size, I enjoyed talking with people. From day one in the industry I learned the importance of customer service; the public is good for that – training! My father brought me up with a great work ethic and that carried me through in life to this day. As I put all of my energy into my job I was encouraged to move up and become a driver for the company eventually moving from Atlas Van Lines to North American Van Lines. As a driver I was paid a percentage for regional moves and learned the art of negotiating with helpers for pay, assessing costs for trips, and time management. As I moved further into my career I got my “A” license and even owned my own truck with a partner at the ripe young age of 20 years old. Salt and Pepper Trucking was our actual legal name, go figure! That business lasted for two years before I got out and decided to move to the freight side of the industry. Due to my young age it was hard to break into freight so I started in the city working for Queensway Cartage and Lakehead Freightways now known as Manitoulin Transport. From there through a connection I started my highway career hauling magazines throughout the US for a private carrier. I loved that job and finally had moved into the working with the big trucks with all the chrome. After the company shrunk its fleet I moved over to a smaller company where I learned the art of driver, dispatcher, and more, but found I always had to fight for my pay. So I made a bold move and started with J. Syvret & Co that lasted for six years. I enjoyed those years but kids came along and I found I wanted to be home more. An opportunity came up to run for a private carrier again and I joined the forces of Nalco Canada with their Chemtrak fleet. I have hauled chemicals for most of my career so I was a good candidate for their fleet. Since we were regarded as sales in a way my customer service skills moved me up the corporate ladder quickly finally arriving as Team Leader for the fleet. I flourished in that position but frustration with company policies I decided to leave after a 13 year employment with the company. I took the daring leap into entrepreneurship.

Now I had started using my art again in 1998 after going through a divorce, I even returned to school to get my degree. In 2003 I started an art business part time and after leaving my job in 2006 I decided if I could work that hard for someone else I can be successful on my own. So I started Bruce Outridge Productions doing editorial illustration, cartoons, caricatures, and more. Realizing by accident that I enjoyed public speaking I found I had 25 years of knowledge that I could share with new drivers and owner operators and opened Outridge Consulting Services in 2009. I now spend my time operating both divisions as needs arise. I absolutely love being an entrepreneur, being creative, and helping people. After adding Outridge Translation Services with my wife Carmen’s expertise we tied all the divisions’ into our parent company Outridge Enterprises Inc. The businesses have since launched many products and services from cartoon strips for many of the industry magazines to publications like Collar to Collar magazine to representing the OS Program for Owner Operators. I am privileged to write columns and blogs for many industry magazines and businesses and offer presentations and training for clients in business and leadership. In 2011 I was honoured as a recipient of the “Trucking Ambassador of the Year Award” by the Road Today Media Group. People ask why I am still in the industry when I don’t have to be. The answer is simple, the people.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a business and leadership consultant primarily focused in the transportation industry. he assists Owner Operators and entrepreneurs in operating successful businesses and small to medium sized business with marketing and recruitment. More information can be found on his websites at,,

Bruce Outridge -Outridge Consulting Services
Bruce Outridge -Outridge Consulting Services

Membership Drive

In April 2012 we will be holding a membership drive for the Hamilton Niagara Chapter. The goal is for each member to bring someone to the meeting. More to come on the meeting in April, but you may want to put your thinking caps on now.

Also note the business cards for our chapter are available, if you didn’t receive some please see Bruce at the next meeting.


Happy Holidays From The Team

From the Council Executives and the membership of the Hamilton/ Niagara Fleet Safety Council we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Stay safe and enjoy the time with your families.


Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 2011 Meeting

We had a great meeting yesterdays the closing meeting for 2011. In addition to items in the minutes we rounded the year off with video of our own Mike Derry showing us his dance and driving skills under hypnosis. He was quite entertaining. We look forward to reaching new heights and new goals with our strong membership. See you at the meetings next year.


Bruce Outridge

December 2011 Meeting of Hamilton / Niagara Chapter

Our next meeting will be held on December 22, 2011 at the CLAC building on the South Service Road in Grimsby, Ontario. There is no speaker scheduled for this Christmas meeting. The meeting stars at 9:00am until 12:00pm.

Happy Holidays

Upcoming Presentations 2011-2012

As of November 2011 a number of speakers are lined up to present at the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council Meetings. The list is updating all the time so please bookmark the website for current information.

Our November 2011 presentation is with Constable Claus Wagner on substance abuse.

In January 2012 we have Torren Delforte on vehicle ergonomics in transportation. Topics will include tracking systems, fuel reporting, EOBRS, engine codes and alerts, and driver scorecards.

February 23, 2012 we have Peatsorb talking about environmentally absorbent products for the workplace.

March 29, 2012 is our spring conference being held in Burlington, Ontario, for more information please visit the Spring Conference page.

April 26, 2012 will feature Paul Curle who will do a presentation on Training requirements from HRSDC

If you have a topic or know a presenter that would be interested in presenting to our group please forward their name and contact information on to speaker committee or by leaving a reply in our comments section.

Promoting Safety within the Transportation Industry

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