Spring Seminar 2019

Managing the Risk Lottery

Seminar Speaker Panel

Kulicia McGrath from Burness Paralegal, Lorraine Koehler from Managing XYZ (Not shown), Derek Rutherford from Dalton Timmis Group, Shane Cutler from Cutler TCMS, and last but not least, John Farquhar from The Guarantee, Moderator Mike Derry from The Guarantee.

The Seminar Agenda

Our seminar is about Managing the Risk Lottery. Each day, we’re out there taking a big spin of the wheel. What can we do to minimize our risk? There will be a panelist table for you all, and behind you a large (but blank) puzzle. We will be performing a “trip” from Toronto to LA, and each type of risk we cover will be another piece of the puzzle.  Regardless of the order, with your guidance and suggestions we will eventually put all our pieces together, safely negotiating our way to delivery of both our cargo, and the information we impart. Time permitting, there will be a general Q and A session at the close

Seminar Overview

Risk management is at the top of everyone’s list for 2019 as insurance providers review the risks in the transportation industry for 2019. The quality of the driver, equipment issues, and carrier operations will all have an impact on how successful a fleet is for the future.

The Spring Seminar for 2019 hosted by the Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council will offer presentations and speakers on what to look for in professional drivers, how the equipment in your fleet can affect your operation, and what is needed for a carrier to be successful in 2019 and beyond.Manage the Risk Lottery Seminar Poster

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Promoting Safety within the Transportation Industry

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